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Joseé Rodriguez-Rivas

Hello, my name is José Rodriguez-Rivas. I own Tiny Country Games. Tiny Country Games is my independent game studio. I develop games for Desktop and Android using Java with libGDX, as well as some RPG Maker. I have a passion for game design as well as web design. I enjoy creating websites avoiding 3rd party Content Management Systems as much as I can. When asked to make a website that uses features a CMS would provide, I do what I can to build myself. I mostly use MySQL databases to hold the parts of the websites that my clients want to be able to edit.

As well as being a programmer and web designer, I am also a High School student. I am currently a Junior at Santa Susana High School. Santa Susana is a magnet school for Performing Arts and Technology.

On this site, I will blog about my personal life, school, and general development.

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